RPaaS: Robotic Process as a Service

Reduce costs and human error with scalable, subscription-based RPA services for medium enterprise.

Robotic Process Automation (rpa) Designed For Workday

Robotic Process as a Service (RPaaS) provides end-to-end, rules-based business process automation that requires no supervision and can be controlled through a dashboard user interface that monitors for outcomes, exceptions and priority re-setting for Workday users.

Ready to Meet Your Digital Workforce?

The following will soon be available in a digital workforce library of robotic processes designed to offer solutions to HR and Finance needs:

Payroll Data Validation


Perform an audit to find common year-end and W-2 filing issues by using OSV’s digital worker to identify and report any of the following payroll errors before they are reported to the tax agency or included on an employee’s W-2:

  • invalid addresses
  • invalid SSNs or characters
  • negative wages
  • Medicare wages
  • duplicate deductions

Payroll Employee Timesheet Activity Notifications


Before your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay period is closed, utilize OSV’s digital assistant to:

  • notify your hourly employees by email when they have not submitted their time
  • notify supervisors when they have not approved their department’s time

Benefit Enrollment & Changes


Utilize OSV’s digital worker to run a Workday report and then send email reminders for the following tasks that are awaiting action from your employees:

  • change Benefits
  • change Benefits for Life Events

1099 Scrub


Avoid IRS penalties and fines by leveraging OSV’s digital worker to perform a Workday audit for the following purposes:

  • locate missing or incorrect Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) and other 1099 configuration
  • validate the supplier tax IDs against the IRS’s website

Influence the Future of RPaaS

We are currently developing a library of processes that your digital workforce will perform for HR and finance use cases. Help determine the future of RPaaS by rating each of the following ten categories of robotic processes based on the benefit they would bring to your organization (1=not beneficial, 5=highly beneficial).

Please give each of the automated services below a 1-5 rating, with 5 being the most relevant to your daily tasks and 1 being the least relevant to your organization.

(Step 1 of circa 3) 33%